Magnesiotaaffeite-2N2S (Formerly Taaffeite)
Gems and Jewelry, 9.0 x 5.0 mm; 1.14 carats
Sri Lanka
Taaffeite as a mineral species is incredibly rare, and facetted gems are becoming more and more difficult to obtain. IT IS THE ONLY GEM SPECIES I KNOW OF WHICH WAS DESCRIBED FIRST FROM ITS BEAUTIFUL ROUGH, LONG BEFORE A CRYSTAL WAS FOUND! Purple material remains among the most rare of all gems today despite decades of hunting. Taaffeite (the correct name is actually now Magnesiotaaffeite-2N'2S) is one of the great rarities in the gem world. This stone is from the TYPE LOCALITY for the material, and it is a superb quality gem. The clarity and size make this more than just collector quality, it's top notch! Taaffeite is very similar to mauve colored Spinel, and the original stones were actually all sold as Spinel (which can still happen to this day), but it is the characteristic birefringence of Taaffeite which now allows gemologists and gem dealers to identify the material and prevent it from being labeled as the much more common Spinel. This stone is a very attractive, purplish-pink color, virtually eye clean, Marquise cut gem. The fact that this stone is over 1 carat is weight makes it truly collector quality, and a very worthwhile stone. Every rare gem collection needs a top quality Taaffeite like this stone in their collection. For future reference, it is most likely that in the gem trade the name "Taaffeite" will mostly likely continue to be used instead of the more cumbersome (though correct) Magnesiotaaffeite-2N'2S.