Grossular Garnet With Diopside
Lowell Quarry, Eden Mills, Vermont, USA
Cabinet, 9.5 x 9.0 x 3.0 cm
Ex. Robert Whitmore
The Whitmore collection was especially well-known for his superb suite of Eden Mills minerals, the product of decades of self-collecting at this remote locality near the Canadian border. Many pieces from this suite were featured in the American Treasures case in Tucson 2008, on exhibit. This specimen, however, was NOT featured there because he had never exposed the crystals fully from the overlaying calcite, and so it lurked relatively unappreciated in his collection for the 30 years until my purchase. It was good, even unprepped...but now it is a killer with the largest complete, robust crystals of this habit that he or others I have shown it to, know of. As Bob said, it SHOULD have gone in the case, but it just got missed. Self-collected by Bob in 1978, this remains a unique specimen. The well-trimmed size of the plate and association with diopside really add interest. Bob considered this among the most important pieces he found in 40 years of collecting at Eden Mills