Mibladen, Morocco
Small Cabinet, 6.3 x 5.5 x 4.3 cm
Highlighted by a magnificent 2.9 cm vanadinite crystal perched near the apex of this cluster of intergrown crystals, this is nearly a complete floater. It has the beauty and form of a exceptional specimen, very sculptural. The crystals are both tabular and more equant, extremely lustrous, and many feature the reddish core color with gemmy yellow to orange highlights that are characteristic of this pocket. Several crystals exhibit the cogwheel or gear-like form that is also so unusual, for this pocket. A lustrous, beige secondary coating of vanadinite is on the back side of many crystals but does not detract from the display faces as you can see. Despite the exposure of this specimen in the pocket, it is nearly pristine with only the most minute few micro-dings on close inspection, and one more noticeable but still small ding on the large crystal edge at lower-left. Aesthetics in form, color and luster make this specimen outstanding for the size.