Mibladen, Morocco
Small Cabinet, 9.0 x 7.0 x 7.0 cm
Rising up from a triangular-shaped natural pedestal of matrix is a huge, statuesque, mound of intergrown, brick-reddish vanadinite crystals to 1.7 cm across. This assemblage of robust barrel-shaped crystals exhibits fairly uniform dark brick-red color and moderate if not highest luster, although the front-facing faces are more lustrous than side faces. The back is complete and the whole piece is wonderfully 3-dimensional, like a spreading bush of brick-red, fat vanadinite crystals. The color is darker than most others of the pocket, but still attractive. It sits up (and photographs) dramatically, as if the crystals are coming out at you. Rarely do you see so much pristine, large, crystallized vanadinites piled up in one place before! But this tree-like specimen on matrix really does impress. Joe Budd photo.