Mibladen, Morocco
Cabinet, 13.0 x 10.0 x 9.0 cm
This is the single best piece of the pocket, so far as I know (and I did buy the lot, hopefully all of it!). It is a robust, tree-like mound of crystals that literally seems to be leaping off the matrix. The matrix is a good contrast, but not overwhelming to the freestanding 3-dimensional clusters atop it. The crystals (to 2.5 cm) uniformaly have excellent deep red color with fiery orange and yellow flashes on their side faces. The gear-like crystal stand one atop another in linked geometry, and all I can say is that this is simply mesmerizing in person in a way the photo cannot convey. We have all seen THOUSANDS of vanadinite specimens over the last 20 years and this one, it would rank up there even in the heyday of the mines here. It is a very different style than most past pieces, and you can own this and still want one of the classic on white barite (with smaller crystals by far). This piece, with its sculptural style, is so much more impactful and rich than you normally see on large vanadinite specimens, that it stands on its own merit quite apart from judging it by the standards of previous pockets. It is "different." Again, more so in person. Joe Budd photo.