Mibladen, Morocco
Small Cabinet, 7.0 x 5.5 x 5.5 cm
Topped by a large vanadinite crystal measuring 3.0 cm in length, and exhibiting dramatic hopper growth, this solid mass of intergrown, doubly terminated, lustrous and translucent, gear-shaped, brick-red crystals is really unique! Gemmy highlights of orange and yellow abound when looked at head on as in the photo, and the view from the backside is almost as interesting as the front. The thin tan coating that covers some of the pieces in this pocket preferentially coats some faces, particularly the undersides. However, this actually (luckily) serves to accent and define face boundaries all the better without interfering with the burst of color you want to see in the front view. The piece is a floater, complete all around and with no point of contact.It is pristine save only a small ding. Nearly a floater this is a major vanadinite specimen that should easily be coveted by serious collectors if seen in person. It is MUCH more 3-dimensionally dramatic than a photo can easily convey and I value this highly as a shockingly original small cab vanadinite, that stands out amongst so many thousands I have seen in the past.