Mibladen, Morocco
Small Cabinet, 8.0 x 6.75 x 6.0 cm
One of the best of the pocket, this sculptural matrix specimen features rich vanadinites built up upon a well-trimmed matrix plate. Highlighted by a crystal perched at the apex of the specimen, which measures 2.75 cm across, this fine, pristine matrix specimen of equant, gear-shaped, doubly terminated, lustrous and translucent crystals is stereotypical fo the habit of this new pocket. But it is also a dramatic piece with major, robust vanadinites by ANY previous standard as well. Orange to yellow highlights are evident in flashes off the side faces. All the major crystals are deep red, translucent, and the whole cluster atop is complete ALL AROUND the backside, 360 degrees. The brown coating that appears on some pieces of this pocket is here limited to the bottom of some minor crystals, and to the bottom of the piece (which is itself crystallized under the matrix shard on which the main grouping sits). For the combination of qualies, crystal size, aesthetics overall, and sheer quantity of vanadinite piled upon a good matrix size, this is one of my favorites of the new pocket and it stands out dramatically from the crowd. It is true there are many styles of vanadinite out there but in the past, such large robust crystals tended to be on smaller specimens or without matrix, and the color and geometry combination here makes this one really transcend the ordinary, in my opinion. the photo cannot do it justice. Joe Budd photo