Almandine Garnet
Russell Garnet mine, Russell, Hampden Co., Massachusetts, USA
Miniature, 5.0 x 3.9 x 3.0 cm
Ex. Robert Whitmore

This miniature specimen hosts a superb, 3-cm, sharp and classic trapezohedral crystal on a pedestal of natural matrix. This is a very rare example of the classic "Russel Garnets" found in the late 1800s by two lucky locals (Daniel Clark and FS Johnson). They sold them off, and never revealed the locality: to this day they are simply known as "Russell Garnets" from an un-named pegmatite in the area. Collectors today are still trying to re-locate the exact site and good specimens are mainstays in ANY major museum or East Coast classics collection. This specimen is one of the better examples I have seen for sale, for its good balance and perfect symmetry. It is complete on 3 sides, contacted only on the back face. It has a little attached muscovite matrix, which is rare. At the time they were found, these crystals were all famously buffed or polished by the finders (with shoe polish, I am told), some more and some less. This particular specimen has less of an apparent gloss and buffed smoothness than others I have seen, giving it a more natural look than usual. A favorite in the collection, used in my advertisements.