Fluorite on Adularia
Massif de l
Cabinet, 10.4 x 7.2 x 4.1 cm
This specimen if from a find of fall 2008, which has really shocked the French fluorite collectors that I know, and is the kind of rare locality find that impresses outsiders as well. The color, luster, and transparency of these crystals is above average for Chamonix, more of a vibrant pink-red than the usual muted pink hues we have seen in most pockets of these rare Alpine fluorites. This specimen has crystals to 4.25 cm, perched on a slender shard of white, crystallized adularia (feldspar) matrix. It is a stunning association, and contrast. The crystals here climb up the shard, one atop the other. Note how gemmy and translucent the top crystal is. It has a termination that is complete all around, 360 degrees. The piece itself, actually, is ALSO complete all around the backside, if somewhat roughly crystallized compared to the front. The point is, though, that the crystals all wrap around and have sharp edges as well. In person, this has better luster than in the photos - it seems very hard to convey accurately. It has been since 1998 and the Pt Kurtz pocket that a single find of pink/red fluorite from the Alps has gotten so much attention and produced a new, unprecedented quality. This does not happen, thus, very often. Few good specimens were available, under several dozen.