Opalized Limb Cast
Small Cabinet, 7.6 x 5.3 x 4.9 cm
Virgin Valley, Nevada, USA
Ex. Charlie Key
A spectacular and rather large specimen of high-quality opal found here in the 1970s according to Charlie, and part of a stash he made of the material at that time. This is the largest and best of the lot he saved, because of its obvious preservation of the shape of the original petrified limb. A thick rind of gem/carving-quality "precious opal" surrounds a more opaque center of opal. The colors are INTENSE, with hues of fiery blues and greens wihtin best quality black silica like a nebula in space. THIS IS A SUPERB display specimen, overall. Notably, not all Virgin Valley opals are stable without the need to keep them in water: this one survived 30 years in Maine in an apartment, so I think we have proof it will last. I have seen MANY of these over the years, but few of such riveting quality - and it IS much more impressive in person, too.