ZCA Mine No. 4, Balmat, St Lawrence Co., New York, USA
Cabinet, 11.9 x 11.0 x 9.5 cm
Ex. Ken Hollmann
This is a MAJOR, and unusually large, example from this hard-to-get locality. These magnetites to me are best of species - I know some will disagree, choosing instead the sharp Swiss octohedra. But, for me, I like the metallic, jet black, complex cubes of the NY Magnetites better - and the specimens are larger and more pretty, overall, too. This is a major classic but more than that something really different for a common species normally relegated to the drawers and not to display in a showcase. This large piece was formerly in the State Museum of NY, having purchased the NY suite out of the Ken Hollman estate. When I later got it via another collector, it had not been prepped yet to remove the calcite and expose all the crystals. This calcite coating did protect many crystals in the core, so the major ones are indeed nearly all pristine though there is damage to smaller crystals and on the periphery. Nevertheless, an impressive specimen. Ex. Ken Hollman Collection