Bambolla Mine, Moctezuma, Sonora, Mexico (TYPE LOCALITY)
Miniature, 4.5 x 3.0 x 3.0 cm
One of the surprises of 2007 for rarities was the reworking of the famous old Bambolla mine in the Moctezuma tellurium complex for specimens, by several European-led collecting teams. Many specimens were then sold at Munich 2008 and this year in Tucson. This is THE ONLY example of this relatively new tellurate species I have yet seen for sale, and I am told it is a very good one as well, from the limited supply available. It was part of a study group of specimens given to a major Museum (label included with purchase), and then traded to me at the Tucson 2009 show. The species was named for the Aztec word for chocolate, the color of its crystals. (TYPE LOCALITY)