Cabinet, 9.5 x 8.3 x 7.4 cm
White Queen Mine, San Diego County, California, USA
This is a coke-can-sized single floater crystal, 964 grams, complete all around, even if somewhat irregular in symmetry. It shows no "beryl-like" hexagonal faces clearly, but DOES show off large flat planar faces that are broad and gemmy to look into. These large side faces are flanked by unusual scallop-like minor faces at the bevels and sides. The crystal is HUGE fo rthe White Queen, and has a rich, intense pink color that you seldom see here (probably it is volumetric, because the piece is so thick. It is a floater, crystallized on all sides - but unfortunately also with minor damage on all sides as well (and hence the adjusted low price for a monster like this!). There is only a trivial bit of damage to the display face as shown,, on the right upper corner where some shallow edge wear can be seen in person. It is definitely there, but in context not so distracting. On 3 of the other 5 sides, there is similar minor, and shallow, edge wear. However again, this is all in context with the size and beauty, and the fact that the minor cleaves out of the surface elsewhere are simply not seen unless you go looking for them. I cannot recall seeing such a large WQ morganite crystal on the market in recent years! I hate to say it, but this is probably worth a LOT more as carving rough to some lapidary butcher, so I'd rather preserve it as a crystal myself.