Cabinet, 9.8 x 9.0 x 5.5 cm
White Queen Mine, San Diego County, California, USA
This large, 780-gram, crystal looks more Brazilian than San Diegan for its sharp hexagonal form and albite association, but it is definitely from the White Queen! It features a solid crystal on which, on the back, a plate of matrix albite still is attached. A thin plate of albite is attached to the lefthand face as well, sharply defining that side of the crystal by contrast. On the righthand side, the crystal is terminated fully, though covered at the very edge by more contrasting white, albite matrix. These flanking bits of white albite on the back and sides serve to enhance the pink color in the core, visually, and help sharpen the look of the classic hexagonal form when seen in person. The top termination is excellent, 100% complete and pristine, and wrapping to the backside - the photos do not do it justice really. The crystal is complete on the top half, the display faces as I would call them, but has some damage from removal from its pocket in the lower half of the crystal (starting just below where the frontal white cleavelandite attachment is located). Still, it displays well, has rich color, and shows the classic form for which this mine is/was famous. Rare on the market in such quallity, and size, at anything under $5000 or so based on my previous experience with these.