Pirquitas (sector Oploca, level 7 1/4), Jujuy, Argentina (TYPE LOCALITY)
Small Cabinet, 7.6 x 6.6 x 5.3 cm
ex. Dr. Werner Paar Collection A beautiful, protected 1.5-cm cavity in this matrix hosts very sharp, lustrous crystals. It is a rich specimen, that has some display quality as well. The crystals seem to reach about 3-4 mm.This Pb-Sn-S mineral, similar in overall appearance with teallite, is a unique mineral. Pirquitas is the only worldwide occurrence. This is astonishing because a tin-rich mineralogy including franckeite, cylindrite, teallite etc. but without suredaite is wide-spread throughout the famous Ag-Sn belt extending from Bolivia into NW-Argentina. Though massive suredaite is fairly common in one sector at Pirquitas, crystals were never common. The crystals are large for the species and not many specimens have been collected at the only location which now is abandoned.