Small Cabinet, 8.1 x 4.5 x 4.2 cm
Wheal Alfred, Cornwall, England
Ex. Carl Bosch; Dr. Gary Hansen; Dr. Mark Feinglos
ex. Dr. Mark Feinglos Collection Ex. Dr. Gary Hansen collection Ex. Carl Bosch Bright yellow-green, lustrous, wonderful pyromorphite from this classic locality! This is a historic specimen of Cornish Pyromorphite ('twas mislabeled as mimetite) sold to the eminent late-1800s collector Carl Bosch by the major dealer of his day, August Krantz (noted on back of his old label). Often these sharply barrel-shaped crystals were labeled, mistakenly but understandably due to the sharp form, as mimetite. This is a beuatiful specimen with sparkling aesthetics, much prettier than what you normally see from this old district in way of pyromorphite. I previously obtained this piece in 2003 with purchase of the Dr. Gary Hansen pyromorphite collection, and sold it to Mark within days for his green pyro suite. So it really has not been available on the market until now, since gary's acquisition of the piece in a trade with the Smithsonian in the 1970s.