Riemvasmaak, Oranje River, South Africa
Cabinet, 13.7 x 9.1 x 6.3 cm
This specimen, first off, is REALLY MUCH MORE impressive in person. It is a complex piece with many features to it that are hard to convey - all I can say is you can look at it for a long while counting how the heck these diverse fluorite forms formed (in 2-3 generations of growth!). This specimen has among the deepest color of the entire lot, in a whopping 6 cm GEMMY crystal on top of the right side. In the lower-center spot, it features a very STRANGE 3.7-cm-long "bar" of fluorite that is either some weird twin or a weird concatenated crystal of 2 adjoining octohedra. This "bar" is perched below a third major featured crystal habit: a 3.5-cm gem octohedron that looks like almost triangular in form it is so compressed on one axis yet equant on the others. The two large octos are free of secondary coating but on the crevasses between, and on the "bar," there is a secondary coating of minutely crystallized fluorite that sprinkles over some faces like sparkling sugar, adding luster and accent to the specimen. Lastly, a thin ridge of translucent tiny fluorite crystals, piled one upon the other and measuring to 6 mm, runs like a wave spray in front of the largest octo, framing it separately from the rest of the specimen and giving the whole piece a more 3-dimensional look as well as yet more sparkle (since they are so bright and gemmy!). The pics just cannot convey all this easily - so trust me on this one, if you are tempted, its all the more a stunning specimen in person. It is complex, riveting in color, and jus tlike no other of this lot I have yet seen.