Beryl Var. Morganite (Illustrated in Barlow Book)
Cabinet, 9.5 x 7.6 x 5.3 cm
Stewart Mine, Pala, San Diego County, California, USA
Ex. F. John Barlow
This morganite specimen would fetch a premium from ANY locality - it is not priced high without merit, aside from provenance, in other words. The crystal is 5 cm across and glassy, with a unique scalloped surface termination I have only rarely seen on beryls, and on none other from San Diego County that I can recall. Note that this is, as a bonus, from the STEWART MINE and not from the more famously known White Queen. The piece was probably found prior to 1960, I am told. It is, in person, highly uniique and interesting. The book photo shows neither the luster or the color, in their efforts to nail down the look of the termination. In person it is sa lustrous as in the top-right photo, closer to the color as shown in the lower-left photo, and with the gemminess shown in the lower-right photo if you can merge all of those shots in your imagination. The specimen was illustrated with his beryls on page 137 of the Barlow Collection book (1998). Barlow sold the collection in 1998 and this piece disappeared into the private collection of Lawrence Conklin. Until I got ahold of it, the piece had NEVER been cleaned and so this is the reason it sparkles more now compared to the book photo in which the matrix looks more gray than white.