Azurite on Malachite
Small Cabinet, 8.9 x 5.5 x 2.1 cm
Milpillas Mine, near Nacozari, Sonora, Mexico
A razor-sharp, lustrous, wet-looking 2-inch-long azurite crystal dominates this contrasting green malachite matrix like the sail on a fossil dimetrodon (according to my 8-year-old son). The crystal is elongated and thus thin, grading to about 5 mm thick along most of the base level and narrower at the tips. Because of this unique disclike form compared to more robust crystals typical of the finds here, it is more translucent than any other large azurite I have yet seen from this deposit to date (and I have tried to keep on top of it!). The crystal is pristine, terminated with multiple facets that reflect light from many angles and enhance the color greatly. I personally think these new Mexico azurites are one of the greatest finds of the decade, and they came as a curveball fro mleft field. NOBODY expected great azurites from Mexico and here we have some few pieces at least which rival Tsumeb. I would argue that this piece, which is distinct from anything I have ever seen from Tsumeb, stands at the top of the crowd of Milpillas specimens. It was a one-off, the only undamaged and salvageable specimen that was recovered from one small pocket in June, according to my source at the mine. Comes with custom base.
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