Silver and Cerussite
King's Mine, Silver Hill Mine, Silver Hill, Cid District, Carolina Slate Belt, Davidson Co., North Carolina, USA
Small Cabinet, 8.8 x 5.3 x 3.5 cm
Ex. Philadelphia Academy of Natural Sciences
A "spongy," but hefty lead-rich ore is the host for patches of silver, to 1.0 cm across, with good oxidation patina. The silver is associated with blebs of grayish-white cerussite. This oldtime specimen appears to date back to the EARLY part of the 19th century, perhaps the mid-1800s or earlier. The name alone indicates it was taken and labeled before the mini-silver rush in which this mine was consolidated into Silver Hill. Ex Philadelphia Academy of Science with a total of three old labels. SOLD AS A SET ONLY with item TUC8-104