Cabinet, 10.1 x 7.6 x 4.8 cm
Mammoth Mine, Tintic, Utah, USA
Ex. George Kunz
A treasure trove of mineral species is nestled in a protected vug, highlighted by a spherical ball of lustrous, blue-green clinoclase: a rare copper asenate/hydroxide. The best upright-standing cluster measures .7 cm across. Spears of splendent purple blue crystals, to .1 cm in length, may be azurite or perhaps even linarite. Tabular, translucent white crystals of barite, to .7 cm across, are also a part of this pocket. A crust of rich green malachite forms the innermost portion of the vug. Like I said, a treasure trove of minerals from this important, long-defunct locale that was once a major American mining district. From the collections of the New York State Museum (with label) and George F Kunz(the other label shown). See the book "Letters to Kunz," documenting the sale to the New York State Museum of a small collection from Kunz (My text had previously, in eror, indicated this was from Bement) in 1880. This was certainly, given the labels, in that batch and one customer has indicated to me that the handwritten label is in the handwriting of Louis Gratacap, who later catalogued the majority of the Bement collection. Recently from the Lawrence Conklin collection of significant rarities. Better in person, with more depth and color than you see here.