Cabinet, 11.4 x 6.6 x 6.6 cm
Deposit No. 6, Inder B deposit and salt dome, Atyrau Oblast', Kazakhstan (TYPE LOCALITY)
This is a museum-sized, important specimen of this rare borate, featuring thick, blocky, and really large crystals in the display face pocket. I have had other specimens over the years, all smaller and less significant by an order of magnitude. When I saw this piece, I couldn't believe at first what I was looking at! Compared to just about any other example, this is a museum piece of rare quality. Notably, for reasons I do not understand, this borate seems to be extremely rare at other rich borate deposits, particularly in California where one would have expected to see this with other species from the desert there. In fact, Mindat lists only TWO localities for this species although most borates are found pretty much worldwide. All along the best have come from the original locality in Kazakhstan. According to MINDAT its name is derived as follows: After the type locality, INDER Lake, Kazakhstan, plus in allusion to its composition, being a BORate. Original, huh? (TYPE LOCALITY)