Vajdakite (Meta-Type Material)
Thumbnail, under 1 cm
Geschieber vein of the Svornost Mine, Jachymov, N.W. Bohemia, Czech Republic (TYPE LOCALITY)
Here is a very RARE specimen of the cotype material for Vajdakite (measuring a few mm in size), named for Josef Vajdak, American mineral collector and dealer of rare minerals. When I bought his Pribram collection in 2006, he also gave me (correction..."gifted" me and yet also added to the sales price) one of his few specimens of material from the little find which provided the type specimen. If I recall correctly, he said that they all came off the same piece of rock, even (which would make this Co-Type, though I cannot say for sure now). But it is from the author, from the same pocket, and is at least metatype material. This is, thus, a micro, but eye visible, and sealed in a plastic tube for safety. I believe he charged me $450 at the time, for the privilege of owning this piece.