Tunaberg, Nykoping, Sodermanland, Sweden
Small Cabinet, 6.2 x 3.7 x 3.5 cm
Ex. Smithsonian Institution; Washington Roebling; Dr. Stephen Smale
This specimen has a LOT going for it. Firstly, it is a huge, sharp crystal to still remain on matrix - and it is solidly anchored to matrix. No question of repair. It is 2 cm tall, a little narrower, and complete ALL AROUND 360 degrees. It has great luster and sharp pyritohedral form. Overall, its one of the few matrix cobaltites I could ever say are really pretty, given the stark contrast of the silver crystal with the bright golden matrix of chalcopyrite and ore. So aside from the history, this is a major specimen in many regards. If not the type locality, this is certainly the world's BEST locality for the species and the most desirable. Add to this the history...it was in the Colonel Washington Roebling collection, which went to the Smithsonian after his death in 1926. This was exchanged out some 20 years ago and ended up in the collection of Dr. Steve Smale, from whom I obtained it in exchange in December of 2007. Steve is well known for his tough aesthetic taste, and so it is a small number of non-colorful rarities that make the cut to fit his collection based on both significance AND aesthetics, of which as I said this specimen has both. Its expensive, no doubt. But it is very fine. ILLUSTRATED In THE "STECKBRIEF" COLUMN OF LAPIS MAGAZINE...page 13 in the April 2012 issue.