Miniature, 5.3 x 5.4 x 2.1 cm
22nd Level, Sainte-Lucie Mine, Saint-Leger-de Peyres, Lozere, France
Ex. F. John Barlow
An incredible crystal for the species, complete and terminated, and the largest known so far as I can determine from asking people who specialize in such things. Illustrated in the John Barlow Collection book, and stated by him to be the largest known, this is an important French mineral and an important rarity. I backtracked its history to Eric Asselborn, who handled this pocket when it was found after purchasing the contents from the strahler. This quality has never been repeated despite more searching, and Eric assured me (in writing on the label here), that he kept this for some time as the largest complete crystal of the find, eventually parting with it to Barlow. It is contacted slightly with attached matrix, but it IS complete. His note states that this is the largest crystal from the pocket.