Chabazite on Heulandite
Wasson's Bluff, Cumberland County, Nova Scotia, Canada
Miniature, 3.3 x 2.9 x 1.5 cm
A plate of heulandite featuring an extremely sharp chabazite crystal to approx. 2 cm, with vivid color the most intense I have seen from here. This is an extremely aesthetic miniature, competition level for the species. I believe it also shows off a penetration twin. Lastly, you can see the tip of the crystal is almost gemmy, or as close to gemmy as I can say I have ever seen in the species! Hence, this piece is priced at a slight premium compared to even the other high quality chabazites here, for the translucent tip which I find remarkable. This is new material collected recently from this classic old locality that is difficult to access, by my friend Rod Tyson (a semi-retired mineral dealer and well-known Canadian field collector!).