Spodumene Var. Triphane
Resplendor, Minas Gerais, Brazil
Cabinet, 15.7 x 4.1 x 1.9 cm
Ex. Dr. Peter Bancroft
This facetable, lustrous, light yellow, gem crystal, displays beautiful etch pits over a large portion of the crystal that create innumerable reflections of light. It is large, but nearly entirely gem quality! This is just a lovely spodumene gem crystal which can be viewed in any direction. It weighs in at 261 gram. Such a finely-terminated spod from Brazil is unusual to get ahold of, and especially with a sharp termination. Most of them tend to form in pockets that have long since been hit by solutions that etch and dissolve the crystals, and the result is very few large spodumenes from Brazil have the sharp form we normally associate now with Afghani pieces. In person this is a daiquiri-green color like pastel ice cream, and is MUCH MORE LUSTROUS and GLASSY In PERSON.