Morganite With Tourmaline
Small Cabinet, 8.9 x 6.2 x 3.5 cm
Pederneira Mine, Minas Gerais, Brazil
Ex. Dr. Peter Bancroft
This translucent to transparent crystal of morganite is from a final held-back portion of the collection of Peter Bancroft, world renowned mineralogical author. This morganite is rich pink, very lustrous and is highlighted by two deep green, elbaite crystals, to 2.0 cm in length, the terminations of which are exposed, while the bottom portions are impaled into the morganite. In addition, there is a band of drusy, tan lepidolite crystals that wreathe the right side of the morganite. The back side has been contacted and there are a few minor dings on the periphera but these do not affect the quality of this specimen. The display face shows complete, as you can see; and is quite impressive as this is almost a cabinet specimen. The color, in person, is a very dramatic, showy, classic morganite-pink. His is only the second such morganite I have ever seen for sale with tourmalines impaled within, from this part of Brazil. Usually they form in quite distinct sections of a mine, and the combos that are famous are from the Urucum mine and quite different in aspect from this specimen. RARE!