Carbonate-Fluorapatite on Feldspar
Sapo Mine, Goiabera, Minas Gerais, Brazil
Large Cabinet, 29.3 x 17.1 x 5.8 cm

This is one of the largest half dozen specimens in the find, as reported to me. It consists of a heavy plate of feldspar on which sit over a dozen 3-4 cm crystals. It is so big, that it is really hard to photograph accurately but suffice to say the crystals are of the quality seen in the close-up. All are intact, save only one broken crystal in the left-center of the specimen (and in any case, it should probably be trimmed to remove that third of the piece, leaving a more elegant if smaller result). This piece was priced at 5000 EUROS at the show, at its original retail price...just to give you a feel for how the best there were priced and how I have amortized and reduced prices on many larger pieces, as I got a good deal on buying out the lot of them.