Morganite on Cleavelandite
Cabinet, 13.0 x 12.0 x 9.4 cm
White Queen Mine, San Diego County, California, USA
Ex. Dr. Ed David
This is a MAJOR specimen which Ed purchased directly out of a prominent California collection years ago. It has a morganite of the quality and brightness to rival Afghani material coming out today, although these are distinct upon close inspection. Few pockets of the San Diego material have the sheer COLOR and thus the impact of this specimen and its ilk from this one unique pocket (circa 1960s), where they formed embedded in this thick albite matrix. I have seen only 3 specimens from this pocket over the years, and all have the same brightness and color that make them, to my eyes, the top San Diego morganite find to date. This crystal is huge, measuring in at about 3 x 3 inches. It is so gemmy you can look into it and through most of it to the underlaying matrix blades. The placement of the crystal is such that it shows off both the sharp hexagonal form (without modifications to skew the sharp natural symmetry, as with so many other White Queen morganites) AND the gemminess of the crystal itself. The crystal is actually complete on the backside, and doubly-terminated - the back is exposed and sticking out the other side of the matrix! This allows even more light to transmit through the crystal itself, making it "glow" nicely in a showcase. This specimen came from Ed at about twice the size and was artfully trimmed down.