Kovdorskite with Magnetite and Apatite
Kovdor Zheleznyi Mine, Kovdor Massif, Kovdorsky Dist., Murmansk Oblast, Russia
Cabinet, 10.2 x 8.3 x 7.4 cm
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Kovdorskite is a very rare hydrated magnesium phosphate found in only two localities in the world. This pieces comes from the type locality on the Kola Peninsula of Russia. This rich piece exhibits intergrown, glassy and gemmy, colourless crystals densely thrust upward from the magnetite-apatite matrix. The largest crystal reaches 1.8 cm in length. This is probably one of the largest and finest overall, recovered in digs by the Fersman Museum of Moscow in the mid 1990s. Most crystals, but not all, are intact. We handled a number of them when they came out and even at that time, this would have been among the very very best of them all for size, condition,and overall aesthetics.