Betekhtinite on Quartz (Illustrated!)
Dzhezkazgan Mining Dist., Karaganda Region, Kazakhstan
Cabinet, 10.8 x 9.4 x 2.9 cm
Ex. Alexander Agafonoff; Bill and Anne Cook
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An example of this very very rare sulfide species in HUGE crystals and on a HUGE display specimen from a now-famous discovery of 1998, which produced the best of this species known to date. This lead-copper-iron sulfide is named after Russian mineralogist Anatoli Betekhtin. Lustrous, metallic-gray, parallel-growth needles up to 4 cm in length, sit on a glistening matrix of quartz. This cabinet-sized specimen comes from the collections of Alexander Agafonoff and well-known collectors Anne and Bill Cook of Cleveland when we obtained their species collection. I have not seen an equal in decades. It is illustrated in The Mineralogical Record "Dzhezkazgan!" (2022), Vol.53, No.4, Pg. 464, Fig. 25.