Spania Dolina, Banska Bystrica, Slovakia
Miniature, 4.8 x 2.4 x 2.2 cm
Ex. Martin Zinn; Vasco Trancoso

One of the Holy Grails of collecting old European classic minerals is to own a beautiful blue Devilline from Herrengrund, a classic of early 1800s era cabinets! However, there were few existing even then, and fewer still surviving until now. The best few larger examples are now in museums and valued at 6 figures. In nearly 40 years of dealing, we have only ever seen a few fine miniatures that are as good as the large spherical aggregates in the famous specimens in Vienna and MIM. This was one of them. This fine, aesthetic, matrix miniature with spherical clusters just over 1 cm was one of the flagship pieces of the hundreds of display quality, rare species miniatures in the Martin Zinn rare species collection, which we purchased from him around 2005. It took him decades to assemble such a collection (and more, actually, as he inherited his mother's collection and money as a running start!). We sold this at the time to a prominent European collection, and only just now got it back nearly 20 years later. It is a large miniature, richly crystallized, with beautiful display. While we have seen others come and go since, they were generally lesser in coverage, size, and condition. We simply do not think that another will come to market of this caliber anytime soon. These are once-in-a-generation turnovers, usually.