Adamite with Calcite
Ojuela Mine, Mapimí, Mapimí Mun., Durango, Mexico
Miniature, 3.4 x 3.3 x 2.4 cm

Red adamite is something I/we here have never seen before. This is not merely iron stained adamite! The color is not surface coated, but included into the crystal and is not removable with chemicals or cleaning. It is a truly different look and style for adamite, which is most prized in a range of colors from yellow to green to purple from this locality. We had not seen anything with this red tone, although given the amount of iron and other trace minerals here at Ojuela, that is surprising in and of itself. This first came to us in an old collection many years ago, and we have not seen another since. The gemmy little calcite crystals on top really accent the color and form of the adamite below. Crystals exceed 2 cm.