Pampa Blanca Dist., Castrovirreyna Prov., Huancavelica, Peru
Cabinet, 11.2 x 8.3 x 6.7 cm
Ex. Robert Nowakowski
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This is an exceptional Epidote specimen from Pampa Blanca, Peru from major finds of the 1990s. Several divergent sprays of rich green Epidote comprise this attractive cabinet piece. The largest fan of crystals on the right side consists of numerous crystals to 3 inches in a radiating fan to nearly four inches across the tops of the terminations. This large fan is augmented by a parallel group of robust Epidotes to two inches in length just offset in the front. There is also another cluster of parallel, slightly divergent cluster of nearly two-inch crystals at the far left of the piece. The Epidote crystals exhibit a dark verdant green color and great luster with some fine striations parallel to their length. This is a very fine group of Peruvian Epidote crystals with no damage anywhere! It sits nicely on its own. From the Robert Nowakowski collection, in the 1990s.