Huanzala Mine, Huallanca Dist., Bolognesi Prov., Áncash, Peru
Small Cabinet, 9.1 x 8.3 x 7.0 cm
Ex. Ramos family collection
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A very dramatic, bright Peruvian combination specimen from the Huanzala Mine featuring Pyrite octahedrons with small Bournonite crystals. The brass-yellow Pyrite octahedrons have stunningly mirror-bright faces with modified corners and barely perceptible modified edges with the large crystal showing interrupted growth forms on the big octahedral face for added character. It looks almost curved and distorted, but in an interesting way - not ugly or weird. It draws the eye and makes the overall octahedral form all the much more shocking, given size and lack of damage. The large octahedron measures 5 cm on its longest edge and is accompanied by three smaller crystals between 1.5 and 2.2 cm on their longest edge. Many dozens of 3 to 6 mm, dark gray metallic, striated Bournonite crystals surround the large Pyrite, as well as the areas in between all of the Pyrites and around the periphery of the piece, making for great color and textural contrast. The piece sits nicely for display with the larger octahedron on top and the smaller octahedron at the bottom. It is a very aesthetic, nearly complete specimen with only contacting at the bottom and obviously in the back where it was removed from the pocket. This is another great Peruvian Pyrite with Bournonite accents that definitely stands out from the all of the average pieces on the market. From the personal and multigenerational collection of the well-known Ramos family of mineral dealers, Elmer Ramos and his son, Bruce, who is currently one of, if not, the largest dealer in fine Peruvian minerals.