Washington Pass, Okanogan Co., Washington, USA
Thumbnail, 2.0 x 1.2 x 1.0 cm
Ex. Bill & Anne Cook

Washington Pass has produced the best-of-species of this very rare lithium-zirconium silicate mineral, which occurs at its best only from two pockets found over decades of prospecting in this remote location. These are incredibly rare and no good new material has been found since the 1980s. This sharp, complete, translucent, pale pink, diamond-shaped, 2 cm crystal really shows off its translucency and lovely color when backlit! It has a small amount of attached Microcline and Aegirine at one apex at the base. This is actually a rather large, very well-formed and significant crystal for the species. Whereas most crystals seem to be somewhat distorted, this is razor sharp and has a porcelaneous luster. It has, however, not been highly cleaned.