Rhodochrosite (Pegmatitic!)
Thumbnail, 1.1 x 1.0 x 0.7 cm
Bennett Quarry, Buckfield, Oxford Co., Maine, USA
Ex. Stretch Young
Rhodochrosite is mostly found as a gangue mineral in ore deposits. It can also be found in alkali massifs like Mt. St. Hilaire, in Quebec, Canada. But, I must say it is exceedingly rare to be found in such a fine crystal in gem pegmatites, like the Bennett Quarry in Maine. The color of this rhodo crystal is a rose pink, much like the fluorites from the Alps. It is both gemmy and lustrous and at least partially doubly terminated. This is truly a rare and unique find! I was told by Stretch that he got it when a group of 3 of the 4 good specimens found were offered to a major museum (the collector kept the 4th and the other two barely fit the definition of crystals and were more of a nodule with small crystal faces), and he happened to be around and buying at the time. This is second only in size, not quality. Yes, it is extremely expensive rhodo by weight, but go find another...this is surely one of the rarest gem crystal thumbnails any collector of US minerals or thumbnails can ask for, and one of the rarest rhodo localities on the planet for the collector of that species, since so few are known to exist. I certainly have never seen another for sale or even heard rumors of.