Wire Gold with Ferberite
Chorolque Mine, Cerro Chorolque, Sud Chichas Province, Potosí, Bolivia
Small Cabinet, 6.1 x 4.4 x 3.4 cm
Ex. Kyle Kevorkian
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From the gold suite of Kyle Kevorkian, this is the largest known piece of gold from a small pocket of specimens found in Bolivia and sold within weeks after discovery as a single specimen at Tucson (in February) of 2019. Originally encapsulated partially in quartz, this gold was etched out of the hard quartz to expose the wires and elongated crystals. This golden nest, associated with nearly-black ferberite, is unexpectedly robust and compact, and not at all as fragile as it might appear at first glance. The specimen weighs about a troy ounce at 30.61 grams. This specimen is unexpected, as it came from a single small grapefruit-sized pocket nobody could have predicted. No more has turned up, since. It was sold into the Kevorkian gold collection at that time.