Cabinet, 10.8 x 7.5 x 4.4 cm
Bou Bekr, Atlas Mountains, Morocco
Outside of the old French pieces, some few prehnites from Brandberg, Namibia, and a few one-offs from other locales today, you do not think you are ever gonna see a great prehnite! This one shocked me! This has to be one of the finest matrix examples I have seen for the species, and from Morocco of all places! The very large, 6.0 cm aggregate of curving crystals is lustrous, translucent, and exhibits a lovely, rich, apple green color. I also like the subtle change to white on the crystal edges. In person, it is a very 3-dimensional and showy specimen that has a rich granny-apple-green color to it and really shows off well in a case. In the photos, it looks more dull, I admit. I think this is a major piece, though, and how often do you get a major crystallized example of a common species like this ? not very!