Stephanite (iridescent)
Husky Mine, Elsa, Galena Hill, Mayo mining dist., Yukon, Canada
Thumbnail, 1.8 x 0.6 x 0.5 cm
Ex. Bill & Anne Cook
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Highly lustrous and iridescent, this golden iridescent, shiny specimen of stephanite clearly shows its metallic beauty. These are among the rarest of silver species classics, having come out of a small mine in remote Canada long ago. This is an exceptional, full sized thumbnail example of one of those storied classics, and the find of these is legendary now: collected quickly and tossed in a coffee can to carry out, this is from Joe Weinholtzner's storied 1977 find at the remote Husky mine. This very fine Polybasite thumbnail is more rare than the polybasites which also came out at the same time, and I purchase this long ago from Rod Tyson, who got it from Joe, and sold to Bill and Anne. We seldom see them for sale, today.