Dassu, Gilgit, Pakistan
Cabinet, 12.0 x 10.2 x 10.0 cm (WEIGHT: 1970 gra
Well, I think the pics and text above convey its HUGE. what they do not convey is the quality...this topaz is among the biggest single crystals that I know of, from this part of the world. It is simply a MONSTER. The termination is broad and dramatic, and perfect. There were a few very minor chips on the leading edges of the piece, that I have had restored with epoxy so they would not detract (i.e. very minor restoration), but not on the termination itself. The piece is so dramatic and important, I did not mind a little bit of work on it, given the price was accordingly adjusted (which I feel it has been because I bought it cheap over there to begin with). The color is a rich amber hue, a little deeper than the usual color perhaps because of a volumetric effect. THIS CRYSTAL IS REALLY GEMMY In PERSON, more so than the pics indicate! It really will impress!