Nate's Pocket, Sweet Home Mine, Alma Mining Dist., Park Co., Colorado, USA
Small Cabinet, 6.0 x 3.9 x 3.0 cm
Ex. Martin Lewadny

It is hard to find a better-balanced single, isolated rhodochrosite crystal than this, featuring a superb gemmy 2.6 cm crystal perched smack in the middle of contrasting matrix. It is, literally, a perfect miniature. This is from the collection of Marty Lewadny, a well known field collector and trader of minerals from the Winnipeg area (incidentally, also a travelling preacher). He collected many of the famous Winnipeg selenite roses from a spillway cut nearby, and traded them over the years for superb worldwide specimens such as this. We bought his collection in the early 2000s and had truly lost a box including this specimen in the back room (now found, due to the time provided by home confinement in COVID). The crystal is over an inch, gemmy, transparent, lustrous, and has cherry color (not pale or off color as are so many). Nate's Pocket is one of the good ones! And, this is an old price, quite competitive with modern samples, in fact, that might be priced around 25-35k base on what I have recently seen for sale at the Denver show.