Fluorite on Quartz with Muscovite
Erongo Region, Namibia
Small Cabinet, 5.9 x 5.9 x 4.9 cm
Ex. Alessandro Pelligrini

This is a very well balanced small cabinet specimen with a prominent Quartz crystal accenting and rising above a cluster of small green Fluorite crystals in the foreground, all setting on a matrix of yellowish Muscovite. The Quartz crystal is 4 cm tall and is translucent to slightly transparent with a perfect termination and it's balanced by a rich, almost emerald green cluster of highly modified Fluorite crystals that exhibit a silky luster with gemmy interiors and the largest crystal 1.5 cm across. Numerous rosettes of yellowish to silvery Muscovite that average 3 to 5 mm across are scattered about the plate of matrix especially on one side. A very good, appealingly and unusual specimen from this famous locality (probably from the early to mid 2000s).