Fluorite (elongated crystal)
Cave in Rock, Illinois, USA
Cabinet, 10.8 x 3.0 x 2.1 cm
Ex. Bill & Anne Cook

Not your typical Fluorite habit! This is a very unique Fluorite specimen from Southern Illinois that looks prismatic and definitely NOT cubic! It's a highly elongate "cube" like we have rarely seen and nearly every aspect of it is unique. At just over four inches in length, it has sharp edges, satin lustered faces and the only thing "normal" about it is it's grape-blue color! The crystal is essentially transparent and shows zoning along the edges with a transition from medium purple at the interior to a blue-purple at the exterior. There are even tiny, 1 mm "spots" of hydrocarbons just beneath the surface of the faces. There is even a "termination" at the top of the "cube" and the sides show elongate faces as well. The back of the piece holds a surprise with a uniform, 2.5 mm wide furrow running the length of the crystal. Oddly textured Fluorite growth on either side suggests this elongate crystal grew along another elongate crystal of something that has since been dissolved away. A small cluster of 1 cm, tabular, translucent white Baryte crystals are perched on one of the side faces. A unique and aesthetic Fluorite from the Fluorite mines of Southern Illinois -- or anywhere! From the collection of Bill and Anne Cook.