Carrollite on Calcite
Kamoto Principal Mine, Kamoto, Kolwezi mining dist., Lualaba, DR Congo
Small Cabinet, 6.5 x 5.9 x 4.5 cm
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This is a razor-sharp crystal of carrollite of a complex habit and pristine style found in the late 1990s and brought out to magnificent attention at the Tucson show of that year by the Gobin brothers, who had personally bought them in the Congo (there is a drama to that story, involving guns and speeding cars!) This excellent small cabinet specimen is display and competition quality, with a sharp, well-defined, 2.6 cm tall crystal of the finest quality perched in a matrix of contrasting white calcite. The calcite is not all crystallized per se, but it occurs as sharp cleavages that look much like crystal faces, mixed with some actual full calcite faces (the front-facing calcite is a natural pocket growth face, for example). The carrollite grew into the open pocket and is embedded in that face. This habit shows off textbook faces, perfectly. It is from the "glory pocket" of the late 1990s (1998 or 1999). Comes with a custom base