Galena with Calcite and Quartz
Borieva Mine, Madan ore field, Smolyan Prov., Bulgaria
Large Cabinet, 15.1 x 11.2 x 6.2 cm
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Galenas from Borieva are known for their extremely bright luster, combined with sharp and varied styles of crystallization in complex formations. This particular piece has an interesting stacked feature of twinned elongated crystals running in parallel lines on one edge of the specimen, framing sharp and bright cuboctahedral crystals in the center. Many of the galenas are accented by coatings of calcite, and some of the galena crystals exhibit skeletal growth, as well! The periphery features needle quartz crystals and tiny dark sphalerites. This piece could display well in a variety of angles and is mesmerizing in person due to all the complexities, the more you look closely. From a recent find at the old location, by miners going underground during COVID to look in old tunnels!