Goboboseb Mts., Brandberg Area, Daures Constituency, Erongo Region, Namibia
Small Cabinet, 8.2 x 5.2 x 3.1 cm
Ex. Charlie Key
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This particular Prehnite from Goboboseb has similar color to others in this update, however, these are distinct clusters of pinwheel aggregates that have a noticeable satin luster and appear to be slightly etched. There are seven Prehnite pinwheels on this piece that range from 1.2 to 3.3 cm across and composed of tight radial divergent aggregates of mint-green Prehnite where every pinwheel shows the combined pointed terminations forming the ridge on each pinwheel. All of the pinwheels display a satin luster and appear to have been etched in the pocket as there is no remnant matrix on the piece at all, only porous areas on the bottom where previous matrix existed at one time and were completely etched away. The entire piece has a marked translucency to each Prehnite cluster and the piece glows when backlit! Just beautiful! And, it is from the personal collection of the legendary dealer who really opened up Africa and literally was regarded as the top dealer and collector coming out of Africa for decades. He sourced it there himself, from his home in Swakopmund.