Goboboseb Mts., Brandberg Area, Daures Constituency, Erongo Region, Namibia
Small Cabinet, 7.1 x 4.6 x 4.2 cm
Ex. Charlie Key

This is a large, lustrous and intensely colorful radial Prehnite aggregate from the Goboboseb Mountains of Namibia. This one is particularly significant not only for its stunning translucent green color, but also the fact that it is composed of relatively large and distinct, blocky crystals that arc around the entire Prehnite aggregate. The luscious pale green Prehnite hemisphere measures two and a half inches across with the individual component crystals averaging a quarter inch across! The lustrous Prehnite crystals reflect any incident light as you rotate the piece! It's incredibly attractive and it's so translucent you can see into it to a point! There is some off-white matrix at the bottom front that highlights the green Prehnite and provides nice contrast. This piece is beautiful by any standard but is especially beautiful for this region, in an area where although much Prehnite is found, most of it is just secondary to the Amethysts and other minerals here. This one is outstanding - literally one of the finest example swe have seen over 30 years of watching, for overall impact in person. And, it is from the personal collection of the legendary dealer who really opened up Africa and literally was regarded as the top dealer and collector coming out of Africa for decades. He sourced it there himself, from his home in Swakopmund.