Quartz var. Amethyst (scepter) on Quartz
Mina Clavero, Transito Dist., Cordoba Prov., Argentina
Cabinet, 14.4 x 6.7 x 6.1 cm
Ex. David Daniel
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A rare, dramatically sceptered Quartz from Argentina, from finds in the 1990s that produced some strange amethysts here. This is a magnificent, five and one-half inch tall, sceptered Quartz specimen featuring a milky white stem (actually a series of them) topped by a large, dominating, lustrous and transparent to translucent sceptered termination with a perfect point! The largest milky Quartz stem at the base is an inch and a half across and shows multiple terminations prior to it heading into the core of the big Amethyst scepter. There are several other milky stems that measure up to a half inch across. The large Amethyst itself is over four inches in length and two and a half inches across! The pyramidal termination is almost completely gem and displays a phantom deep in the heart of the crystal. The prism faces and lower terminal faces are also lustrous and reveal a translucent, somewhat milky interior overgrown by the Amethyst rim. There is contacting on the back of the Amethyst where it was attached to other Quartz crystals leaving a negative crystal impression. This is a stunning Amethyst scepter from an unusual locality! This first came to us, many years ago, out of the collection of David Daniel.